Decorating with Roseville pottery

Interior Decorating with Roseville Pottery

Whether you are using Roseville pottery for interior decorating purposes, accenting your mission style or bungalow home, or simply creating a gallery display of your Roseville, a few common sense steps are all that are necessary to protect your pottery investment. Things to consider when displaying your Roseville pottery collection include avoiding open displays in high-traffic areas where young children or house pets pose a risk. In addition, you should avoid placing your Roseville pottery in areas exposed to direct sunlight and extreme temperature or humidity changes.

Interior decorating ideas for Roseville pottery are virtually limitless. Some Roseville collectors choose to display single pieces while others choose to decorate using pottery in groupings. Interior decorating themes include common group selections from particular style arts and crafts patterns such as Roseville green Laurel, Roseville Early Velmoss, or Roseville blue Topeo or art deco patterns such as Roseville Futura or Roseville Moderne.

Another interior decorating theme is displays of Roseville floral patterns from the 1940’s such as Roseville Apple Blossom, Freesia, Water Lily or middle period Roseville pottery patterns such as Jonquil, Dahlrose, or Sunflower. Still others prefer to decorate with pottery by creating displays of similar subject matter such as Roseville Rozane floral examples by a particular artist or Roseville Scenic Azurean vases.

Once again, collectors and interior decorators have as many different options as there are Roseville pottery examples when determining how to best display their Roseville. There is no right or wrong way to decorate with Roseville pottery. | Roseville Pottery Information and History
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