Roseville pottery reproductions

Reproductions of Roseville pottery continue to flood the market. A quick look on eBay or any other pottery auction site will reveal an ever-increasing percentage of Roseville pottery reproductions being sold. At this point, there are Roseville pottery reproductions of virtually every original pattern of Roseville. Luckily the quality of the Roseville pottery reproductions is still very low, such that most experienced collectors have no trouble identifying Roseville pottery reproductions.

However, for beginning Roseville pottery collectors, the reproductions do pose a problem. The following offers some basic tips to help beginning Roseville pottery collectors avoid reproductions:

Virtually all Roseville reproductions currently on the market use white clay that is lighter in weight and unlike anything used by the original Roseville pottery. In addition, the Roseville reproductions are almost always marked Roseville with raised molded letters. The raised, molded Roseville mark shows up on reproductions even though the original pattern may not have been marked in that fashion.

The glaze on Roseville reproductions is typically very dull and significantly lacking in quality compared to original Roseville pottery. In addition, the molds are not as crisp and the handles will tend to be less detailed and typically thicker than seen on original Roseville pottery. After comparing a few examples of original, antique Roseville pottery with the current reproductions, collectors should have no trouble telling the fakes from the real Roseville.

The best available resource for identifying Roseville pottery reproductions can be found at The Roseville Exchange. The site offers a wealth of information including direct photograph comparisons to assist the beginning Roseville pottery collector in avoiding reproductions. | Roseville Pottery Information and History
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